Inline Filter System

Streamline downhole protection with this high-performance surface filter that maximizes uptime, safety and flowthrough.

Stabil Drill and Don Mashburn developed the revolutionary SD-700 surface filtration system to optimize downhole filtration. Designed for maximum flowthrough and easier field handling, the SD-700 is the new standard in hyper-efficient surface filters. And, best of all, its bolt action design lets you change filters in under a minute—the fastest filter change on the market!

Change Filters Fast

Streamline field operations and minimize Non-Productive Time (NPT) with a unit that reduces 30–45 minute filter changes to less than a minute. The SD-700’s innovative bolt action means no sledgehammers, improved safety, less NPT and lower maintenance costs. In fact, some customers have seen more than $50,000 in savings.

Turnkey Operation

With inlet and outlet valves, a self-contained skid, a spare filter and all necessary tools included, the SD-700 comes with everything you need. You can customize configuration options for adaptors, crossovers, mounting systems, etc. And choose from two skid designs—one closer to the ground for mudline setups and quick hook-up.

Keep Crews Safe

This system delivers superior safety performance when compared to conventional surface inline filtration equipment. Its bolt-action filter access means no swinging a sledgehammer at hammer union bolts, no significant drop hazards and no drill pipe screens. It’s not on the rig floor. And its catch tank keeps your work area clean, dry and compliant.

Improve Flow-Thorough

Existing Y-path surface filters are overly complicated and tough on hardware. The SD-700’s linear design offers more efficient flow dynamics than conventional Y-path filter designs. This quantum improvement delivers greater circulatory volume, more resilience in the face of abrupt flow path changes and less washing and tool wear.

Simplify Field Handling

Built-in padeyes, forklift pockets and thru tubing make the SD-700 easy to deploy. The unit features a catch tank for overflow. And it’s built to last, with rugged construction and round, stainless steel rods that offer strength and fight corrosion. So your filtration system arrives field-ready, and stays that way.

Improve Filtration Systems

The SD-700 minimizes pump shut-off time for less NPT and more time on the job. With faster filter changes, a straight-line flow path, superior safety and durable construction, no inline filter system does more to improve surface filtration economics. It’s a must-have for teams that are serious about economic performance.