Prevent side-tracking while reaming with these unique, off-set designed bits that help guide wellbore enlargement tools with greater confidence.

Run under-gauge and below a hole opener, the Z-Bit rolls and cuts its way through the wellbore in a way that makes it easier for the hole opener to bring the pilot hole out to proper spec. By flushing through the center of the cone, and utilizing a special nozzle in the shank above the cutter, the Z-Bit’s teeth are kept free of debris for continuous cutting.

Guide the hole opener for easier, higher-quality hole development.
Special rolling offset design works its way into the pilot hole.
Effective flushing action makes for optimal hole cleaning.
Often deployed after having trouble getting bull nose hole opener or drilling assembly to TD.
Available in three Z-Bit cone sizes—5.75", 8.50", 12.25"—to accommodate any pilot hole.
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The Optimal Reaming Experience

The Z-Bit is designed to team with the Devil Drill and a Stabil Drill Reamer.